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What Is [available for members only]?

Basically, [available for members only] ([available for members only]) is a non-profit, grassroots organization that works to protect consumers of kratom. Its mission is to educate the public about the benefits of kratom and to support law enforcement actions against dangerous drugs and synthetically produced analogs of kratom alkaloids. It also advocates reforestation efforts to preserve natural resources.

<[available for members only] website is comprehensive, and offers several ways to contribute. You can contact [available for members only] directly, or make a donation by PayPal or wire transfer. In addition, [available for members only] has a page of current news about kratom for the dissemination of Kratom-related facts. You can also subscribe to [available for members only]'s email newsletter.

<[available for members only] website also provides a form to contact your congressperson. You can submit a petition in support of legalizing kratom. The website also includes a pre-written letter, which you can use to send your legislators.

<[available for members only] is a Virginia-registered non-profit group. Its board of directors is led by Matt, its Chairman. [available for members only] has been active in the fight against kratom bans since its inception in 2014. You can also donate to [available for members only] through wire transfer or PayPal.

<[available for members only] believes that consumers often get overlooked in the USA. It aims to change that. It wants to raise the standards of kratom production and consumption. It also educates manufacturers, growers, regulators, and lawmakers about the benefits of kratom.

<[available for members only] is a well-organized group of loyal consumers. It maintains a legal firm, a public relations firm, and a knowledgeable lobbying team. It works regularly with policy-makers, academics, and journalists. It also helps to find and disseminate research.

<[available for members only] has a program designed to ensure that kratom is handled correctly and safely. This program includes educating buyers and sellers about the medicinal properties of kratom and other botanical products. It also requires manufacturers to follow a set of guidelines. It also allows third-party observers to test end products.

<[available for members only] has a code of conduct that ensures professionalism. It works with scientists, lawyers, and medical experts. The code of conduct is designed to help manufacturers produce high quality, safe, and reputable products.

<[available for members only] has developed an innovative GMP (good manufacturing practices) program. This program enables third-party observers to audit kratom companies. Currently, the program is designed to exclude producers who manufacture sub-standard products, as well as those who sell kratom mixed with harmful ingredients.

<[available for members only] is an evidence-based organization that has been in operation for more than two years. Its website includes a list of recent kratom-related news, a form to contact your congressperson, and a page for you to sign up for its email newsletter. You can also upload your own kratom videos.

<[available for members only] has five core objectives: protecting consumers, educating the public, raising the bar, demonstrating practical knowledge, and encouraging consumer freedom of choice. These objectives are based on a combination of consumer education, research, and legal action. [available for members only] believes that the right people with the right information have the power to create real change.

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